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CD/ DVD Duplication: Same Day!

Best Durban DVD/CD Duplication!

Mega Star have DVD duplication and print facilities for low volume requirements or where a quick turnaround is required.

All duplicated DVD?s are subject to 100% verification with your master to ensure that they are exact copies of the original.
DVD duplication technology allows for storage capacities 14 times greater than CD-ROM's from 4.7 to 17 Gigabytes. The encoding process converts both audio (AC-3 files) and video (MPEG-2 files) to Digital format.

 We can handle orders from as small as 10 pieces to over a million pieces. For short run CD printing, we offer an inkjet print or a screen print. We can then duplicate your job or supply the CDs to you blank. If you require a short run of CDs printed and/or duplicated do not hersitate to call us. We can also supply replicated CDs in the minimum of 500 units. 


Our Work

Here are the new projects mostly by KwaZulu Natal Artists that need your support! All Mega Star clients.