JUSTICE FOR ARNELLA - SA Male Artists Against Children Abuse

South African Afro-Pop singer and businessman, owner of Mega Star Sandy B Jones is calling all South Africans especially male artists to campaign against any form of abuse by women to children during the 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Children Abuse. He is calling all those who are touched by what happened to Arnella to support the little girl by going to their nearest courts and stand outside displaying anti children abuse by nannies messages and message of support to the little girl on the days when the culprit is due to appear before the magistrate. ''There could be thousands of other kids around the world who are abused by their keepers right now, Arnella's case is an eye opener to every parent around the globe, we thank God she survived." Sandy B says.

''Children are the future, we cannot sit back and allow such horrible incidents to take place in our society. Our duty as adults is to protect them and be their parents in the absence of their real parents'' Sandy B adds. 

He asked people around the world to copy and print the image of Arnella on this site as it is and wear it during the toddler's abuser court appearances. 

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Eighteen-month-old Arnella Kamanzi, who was severally beaten by her nanny after she vomited on the floor in Uganda, is recovering well, said her mother, Angela Mbabazi, on Monday.

Footage of the nanny, Jolly Tumuhirwe, viciously beating Arnella with a blunt object, throwing her on the floor and standing on her is doing the rounds on social media.


Arnella’s father, Erick Kamanzi, noticed bruises on the toddler’s body when he got home from work. When he reviewed the security tapes, he discovered his daughter’s brutal assault.

According to African Spotlight, Kamanzi then attacked Tumuhirwe. The nanny is now reportedly confined to a wheelchair and eating through a tube. Although she laid a charge of assault against Kamanzi, this was later dropped once police saw the video.

Ugandan police have amended Tumurhirwe’s charge sheet to one of attempted murder. She was charged under the Anti-Torture Act of Uganda.

Source: SA Breaking News