Sandy B Radio Show on Inanda 88.4 fm


Sandy B on Inanda 88.4 fm

Your boy Sandy B  is making it big with his radio show on Inanda 88.4 fm every Thursday from 9pm till 12 midnight where he presents the only show in the province of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa that plays Reggae, Lovers Rock and Dancehall music with a bit of a new genre Thandigi Music. He is affectionately known to his fans as Mr Jones or Mr Joooones!! Sandy B Jones show has listeners from all over the world and has managed to re introduce this kind of music to the younger generation. His role and his style of reviving Reggae vibes is commended by many and the listenership increases all the time. Sandy B is not a rastafarian but he understands how to please everyone who follows this kind of music with the ability of drawing those who were not exposed to Reggae vibes.

Sandy B show on Inanda 88.4 fm is also known to build spiritually and he always come up with topics that helps in building the nation especially the younger generation. Also a funny presenter who always make his listers laugh and forget their troubles. Many artists from abroad have found him to be the best representative of their music in Southern Africa. 

To listen to his show live, visit: - To call him in the studio dial: +27 31 510 9702