Thandigi Music genre.

Paul Pablo Hussey (Jambila Music) and Sandy B Jones (Mega Star) Introduces Thandigi Music genre.

What is Thandigi Music? A new hot genre Thandigi Music is being introduced to the world by the long time international sound enginneer and producer Paul Hussey and Sandy B Jones who is affectionely known to his fans as as Mr. Jones. Paul worked full time with many international bands in the past which include UB40,The Marleys, Junior Marvin and many others while residing in Jamaica and UK. He moved to South Africa in 2012 and teamed up with Sandy B Jones, who is known as one of the big Afro Pop stars in South Africa. Paul brought along sounds of Roots Reggae with the interntions of creating what would be called Zulu Reggae, meaning Reggae sung in Zulu. Sandy B Jones added his flavour with lyrics that are in favour of women. He sung about how beautiful women are and how they should be respected and cared for (which Thandigi is all about). This already won Sandy B many female fans. He also put some elements of ghetto lingo (township street language) in his lyrical content making the music accepted by even the much younger generation that is not exposed to the sounds of Raggae all over the world. They then felt that it will be better not to classify this genre by any ethnic group since it can be sung in any other African language. This is how Thandigi came about. Thando means love and indigenious means originally belongs to that place, so joining these words systematically brought them an idea of this new sound. On the other hand they are saying it is better than digi (tal) music because they prefer playing the music live. That is how Thandigi came about. It is not to be doubted that Thandigi Music is going to grow to be one of the biggest genre in the world. We can proudly say Sandy B Jones and Paul Hussey are the kings and founders of this music.