Sandy B made history by collaborating in a song with one of the Jamaican international Reggae superstar Ibo Cooper the founder of the world known group Third World known for their hit 'Now that we found love what are we gonna do, with it?'. The Jamaican was invited to perform in the event called Africa Peace Awards where Sierra Leone president was to be honored for bringing peace in his country. Ibo Cooper met with Sandy B at his Mega Star offices in Glenwood through the organizers of the event who were looking for the company to make CDs for the event. The Cds were the compilation of songs by big artists from all over Africa. Third World stars also wanted to record a song here in South Africa, the song which was going to be the theme song for the event and peace anthem for the entire continent also to be included in the compilation CD.


When they met with Sandy B Jones at Mega Star, they found him to be a very organized talented singer and asked him to join him at the studio the next day. When the song was recorded, they were so impressed with his vocal ability and they asked him to sing most parts in the song. " You are going to be on stage with us, we are not living you behind" Said the legendary Ibo Cooper who has worked on stage with super greats like Burning Spear, Bob Marley, Culture and many others. 


‘I was so happy it was like I have won lotto. This was such a greatest opportunity for me to sing at the function that was going to give me exposure to the entire African continent.’ 

They went for rehearsals and during the performance evening, Sandy B Jones was introduced on stage as a very talented South African artist to the great applaud by the delegates who included the presidents from different countries, ministers and even King Goodwill Zwelithini’ All delegates were so impressed and some treated me as if Im one of the international superstars after the event. I am so happy that I can sing all types of music and that make things easy for me because there is no place where I cannot be invited to perform’ The Jamaican stars suggested that we keep in contact so that they can link my company Mega Star with other labels in Jamaica in order for us to be able to exchange music. They are so willing to have some of our artists distributed in their country and theirs in South Africa. The only knew about Brenda Fassie and Lucky Dube. 


Sandy B Jones is the first artist to release Kwaito album when he was still called Sandy B. Before that he was a member of a Gospel group The Young Olives. He has released 4 albums, worked as a radio personality on Durban Youth Radio, Metro Fm and have acted in a movie called Stander, Amadoller and produced music for the film I wish I was in Jail, Bay Of Plenty and he is one of the producers of the first KZN Dj album to sell double platinum by Dj Bongz and worked on stage with a number of local and international stars. He is the owner of the fastest growing Cd duplicating company (Inkampani e gaya amaCd) in KZN Mega Star, which also market artists. This is just to mention a few things he has achieved.